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July 2013

  • Uploaded the COMPLETED BWG GM Reference Booklet. This thing is FINISHED. :)

Feb. 2012

  • Uploaded TAS Form 2, a reproduction of the Classic Traveller CS.

Jan. 2012

  • Added page 5 for the BWG GM Screen.
  • Updated the Burning Wheel GM Screen, added pages 3 and 4.
  • Uploaded the Scion custom character sheet.
  • Added preview images to all the download pages.
  • Added The Scribe, online character sheet template.
  • First 2 pages of the BWG GM Screen available for download.

Dec. 2011

  • Am working on updating the Burning Wheel GM screen to Gold.
  • Added a Burning Wheel dice probability chart.

Nov. 2011

  • Added a custom character sheet supplement for Burning Wheel Gold.
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