Burning Wheel

Resources for the Burning Wheel Gold RPG. For more information about Burning Wheel, visit www.burningwheel.org.

Character Sheets

The Scribe: A BWG Online Character Sheet (Link)
An online editable character sheet for Burning Wheel Gold, in the form of a Google Docs spreadsheet template. Some bugs yet to work out, but very serviceable.
Table Sheet (Download)
This is a character sheet supplement; you still need a regular character sheet to play with. Print out and fold along the lines. Fill in your BITs and prop up on the table to share your character with your group.

GM Aids

Game Master Reference File (Download)
This file has all the most important information you need to GM a game of Burning Wheel, carefully organized in a concise package that is both easy and a pleasure to reference mid-session. There are two versions: a 20-page booklet, and an 8-page clipboard format. Both feature the same fonts as other BW game aids, to ensure all your printed supplements look great together. This project took a long time to complete, was a real work of love, and this file is the one I most recommend.

Other Resources

Player Quicksheet (Download)
Made to be printed double-sided on a single piece of A4, perhaps laminated, and tossed in the center of your table, this sheet is made to be a quick-reference on the four things players need to consult the most often: how to use / get Artha, the two advancement charts, and important rules exceptions such as which rolls are open-ended and whatnot. Also features "FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE" printed in large bold letters on each side, to serve as a constant reminder to the players of what this game is all about.
Burning Wheel Dice Probability Chart (Download)
I make no promises that the math is correct, but perhaps it will be useful to someone. Black shade only for the moment, although no promises whether I will update for grey and white. I didn't do the math (too difficult for me). I shamelessly stole the results of someone else's calculations posted in this forum thread. I just converted the table of odds to a table of chances, is all.
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